Earth’s Theories – Who Killed The Dinosaurs

Alexandra Rivera

For the longest time scientists have argued over what really happened to the dinosaurs and how they went extinct. There are many different theories that have arised over the years, but the one that stuck is the asteroid. Although, there are many others that could be the cause for the extinction of the dinosaurs. For example the plague, climate change, food shortage, volcano eruption, and of course the asteroid. The theory of the plague stated that a great plague killed some of the dinosaurs and other dinosaurs feasted on the carcassess causing the plague to spread eventually killing all the dinosaurs. The theory of climate change and food shortage go hand in hand, these theories state that due to climate change the drastic changes in temperature caused food to go scarce causing food shortage and therefore producing the extinction of the dinosaurs. The theory of the volcanic eruption says that a huge volcano erupted and the immense lava flows killed all the dinosaurs. Last and the only theory that really fills in most of the blanks to the universal question of who killed the dinosaurs, the theory of the asteroid. The theory of the asteroid stated an asteroid crosses Earth’s magnetic field and landed in the Gulf of Mexico, due to the place that the asteroid landed in it caused tidal waves, (suname’s) and the debris that from the impact of the asteroids hit went into the atmosphere, the debris and smoke covering the sky like a shield blocking away the sun, severely altering the climate, causing climate change and food shortage, then it is said that the disturbance caused the volcano to erupt as well, but it isn’t known for sure, this is said to have happened and is said to be the cause of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Out of all the theories the asteroid theory has always been the one closest to what might have happened billions of years ago, but no one knows what could have happened back then because no one that was alive all those years ago is alive today to say what really happened.