County Emergency Managers Prepare for Severe Weather

County Emergency Managers Prepare for Severe Weather

Written May 3d, 2022 Article by : Kale Cantu


The people of the Northwestern region of Arkansas were asked to stay aware of the weather. People are also told tornadoes or tsunamis are possible in this kind of weather.


     County managers are monitoring the weather overnight, and say that they are making a plan for an emergency responder. They ask the people to strap, or take inside outdoor furniture, to reduce the possible damage. Not only this, the people are also asked that they must be notified if the storm comes, since some of the cities don’t have sirens. “Most people tend to get fixated on the amount of water on the road. However, a lot of the time the road service could be compromised with debris that you’re not seeing which can cause a vehicle to get stuck in the middle of rising flood waters,” Cooper said. 


The managers also provide guidelines and safety tips in order to stay safe from the storm. “We rather that you have a plan in place ahead of time and get to your destination,” said Cooper. “And underneath an overpass is not your destination. I know it can be a safe place sometimes, but whenever there’s multiple cars in traffic and other vehicles behind you, we have to keep the flow of traffic going because they’re trying to get to their safe place.”



May 5, 2022

On May 5, 2022, flash flooding occurred in the Northwestern region of Arkansas. More than 60 residents were saved in this flash flood event. Some of the people reduced were found floating in the water. When rescued, they were positioned inside of a convenience store. Infants and pets were also caught in the flood. Some of the people are trapped inside of their homes due to the flood blocking them inside.The fire department reports that it sent all of its boats to assist the residents. Many people are put in danger because of this flooding, and the fire department is doing all they can. The fire department is still trying to rescue the people at the date that this article was written.