Summer Break 

Summer break has gotten relatively shorter. many may have noticed and just passed it off as growing up and really realizing how long the break actually was, but that is not the case. The summer break has slowly started shortening due to taking more time off for other breaks. For instance think about winter, fall, and spring break they have slowly gotten longer. But even though the summer break may be shorter than it used to be, does not mean kids can’t still have a blast like before. 

Although many people would like a long summer, they can’t really control the length or the fun they have. Summer is a great time to be productive, in many ways people can change a lot. Summer is a great window for change and new opportunities, many change their style, and some get relationships. many decide to stay how they are waiting for the change to come to them. Not everyone aims to have a “hot girl summer”. One of the best summers anyone can have is a chill one. Staying inside or even just chilling with a couple of friends at the pool, either way, summer is a time for relaxation and newfound fun.