Schedule Changes and the Effects on Chaffin Students

Schedule Changes and the Effects on Chaffin Students

Hannah Banning

The new semester started for Chaffin Middle School students on January 5th. Some students went through schedule changes. Changing some of their first semester classes to different ones.

Physical Education, Art, and STEM are all classes that students can have for one semester. If students choose, they can have one of these classes for two semesters. The school counselors, Mrs. Ottman and Mrs. Mankins, are in charge of schedule changes for students that wish. “If you want your schedule changed you need to have your parent email or call me for approval.” Mrs. Ottman clarified for students.

Chaffin Middle School Student, Sophie Grace Weiler, speaks about her feelings on the topic.” I think that it’s kind of not a good idea because switching through out the semester can be confusing when you just finished learning one thing and then immediately moved on to another.” When you switch classes you move on to a complete different subject which can be disorienting for some people.  

Some people think differently from Weiler, like Chaffin Middle School student Aiden Tate. “Yes, I think it is good for students. They get to experience new classes and get to know knew teachers. They get to get something new in their day instead of the same classes they had first semester.”

This way of scheduling may be beneficial, but could also be harmful to a student’s education. Having their brain be filled with new information in such a short amount of time can be complicated. A students gets used to their schedules for the first semester so it is confusing. While it is good for a change in subjects, it should not be so sudden. Although there are not a lot of ways to make the change in schedules smoother for students, there should be some grace for students when they are confused about where to go after winter break.