Damar Hamlin Suffered Cardiac Arrest on the Field



Connor Scarlet, Student Journalist

     24 year old NFL player, Damar Hamlin, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, suffered cardiac arrest on the field, during the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals matchup after tackling Bengals player Tee Higgins on January 2, 2023

     “It’s confusing, because I don’t have a very good explanation on why it happened,” says Jeff Smith, an avid football fan. While many reasons are going around as to why, there is still not a clear answer.

Damar Hamlin tackling Tee Higgins

     Damar Hamlin tackled Tee Higgins, as he did this Higgins lowered his head and it ended up hitting Hamlin around the heart area. Many people have come to the conclusion that it was because of commotio cordis, which is a very rare phenomenon.

     When asked about if this is worrisome to the NFL players, Samuel Rowe states “The game was canceled and other players didn’t want to play, because their teammate just died in front of them…”. Watching a teammate die in front of you is very heartbreaking, and can cause players to take a step down from the game for a little bit.

     Damar Hamlin is said to be able to play football after he recovers. This is very traumatic for all the NFL and the fans. Another player we need to watch out for is Tee Higgins. This is because many “fans” have been saying that it is all Higgins’ fault. This is completely untrue. Commotio cordis is very rare and it has to be down to the millisecond for it to happen. If the snap was called a tenth of a second sooner, this would’ve never happened.