Diversity Changes at Chaffin

Diversity at Chaffin is incredibly increasing and will continue to. Because of that, not everyone will have the same opinion, but in a good way. From this, should students be allowed to take off for Cultural or Religious holidays?

Diversity Changes at Chaffin

Aamina Siddiqui

Diversity at Chaffin middle school has been increasing by the day. There are more diverse classrooms nowadays there were 30 years ago. 

8th grade English teacher Robin Owen stated, “Diversity gives students a more well rounded experience.” Mrs. Owen has been teaching at Chaffin Middle School for over 30 years, by putting that into perspective, Chaffin has changed more than people could imagine.

Another fact is that Chaffin used to be a ‘whites only’ location at the time of segregation. So really, any sort of diversity would and should be considered an improvement here. 

“I think that diversity is getting bigger in Chaffin,” 8th grade student Kawana Tate-Modeste said. 

As many diverse people are arriving, not everyone’s beliefs are going to be the exact same. Whether religious beliefs or cultural beliefs, not everyone is going to agree on a variety of topics. People may wear or do something that others may not appreciate. On top of that, there are going to be different religious or general holidays celebrated. After all of this, the school should make a rule that if you need to take off for a religious or cultural reason, that should not count for the 5 days of parent permission which students can take off from school. 

Cross Country teacher Tim Bland mentioned, “The year of COVID made diversity decrease.” That year, a lot of students went virtual for safety reasons. That does not mean that diversity stopped growing, there was just a small pause before it got back on track.

Chaffin Middle School has gone through quite a few changes these past few years. Diversity will keep expanding in many ways at Chaffin.