Chaffin Book Club

Brandon Johnson

English teachers at Chaffin Middle School have decided to start a book club for the 8th grade students throughout the month. This event has been going on for a few weeks and started in the middle of January.

For the assignment, students draw a genre of books out of a hat and pick a book from that genre. With many genres and subgenres of books, it can be easy for students to connect with one genre. The librarians at Chaffin Middle School have used this to try and get students to step out of their comfort zone and engage with different genres.

Chaffin students had many different opinions on the matter. Aiden Tate claims he would rather get to read his own type or book, but they help us explore more genres. Many students feel the same, yet some have some harsh feelings about the subject.

Some students at Chaffin are not too fond of this idea. They say that it is dumb that we are forced to read a genre of book that we have never read before. This can cause students to not be interested in reading the book or it may make them dislike reading in general. 

The Chaffin book clubs will impact many students in many ways. It can be beneficial and have students change their opinions on different genres. It can also be harmful and change their views for the worse. The intentions of the Chaffin staff may be good, yet it can end up turning on them. Hopefully, it does not.