What it Means to Be a Chaffin Charmer or Cheerleader

Hannah Banning

Chaffin Middle school Charmers and Cheer tryouts are taking place. These tryouts will be in the Chaffin gymnasium on March 3rd. To come to these tryouts you must first go to the information meeting with your parents on February 1st.

6th graders and 7th graders will be able to try out for both teams, since 8th graders are leaving for high school. The coach for the dance team, Jordan Chamberlain, and the coach for the cheer team, Mrs. Wilbourn, look for girls who they see fit the role. “They look for determination. It doesn’t matter how good you are at a skill, as long as you are persevering and showing confidence all the way through!” Valeria Gonzalez, Chaffin Middle School Charmer, says. Showing that as long as you believe in yourself, believing that you can do it, you will make it through.

Both teams give the girls an opportunity to have a strong and close bond with one another. All of them are dedicated to putting in their all and showing their power with their cheers and dances. The Charmers and Cheerleaders do group routines often, building teamwork, friendships, and pride. “I made so many friends and close bonds with every single girl on both spirit teams, dancing with all of them was a dream.” Gonzalez states. 

Chaffin Charmers and Cheerleaders have a very high standard to uphold. You have to be punctual, determined, charismatic, and strong. Those are all characteristics of a good Chaffin spirit member. You don’t have to have past experience as long as you are willing to learn, you can succeed. “You have to be ready for challenges and be positive at all times. Both teams require the same mindsets but different skills. But for both spirit squads you need to be willing to work with your team. ” Cheer captain, Lily Cox says.