Year Round Schools in the U.S.

All year round school has been talked about coming to the U.S. fully and how it will or will not affect students and teachers. There are 4 states already using the year round format for their districts. 

Many students and teachers say that June is one of the best times of the year. In many different districts, they let out as the summer break starts. Many students don’t have a summer break because they go to year round schools. Students in different districts go to school the same number of days as the students in other districts with long summer breaks do. People in year round schools get shorter breaks. The shorter breaks can be a few weeks long or a week depending on the time. 

There are many beneficial aspects of having year round schools. Year round school can help make sure students don’t lose any information over summer break. Making it easier to continue a subject but also, make it easier for teachers to teach a specific subject for longer. Students can also make better social relationships with friends and other students at school. Including the way the school year may be set up, the breaks can be evenly distributed for student, and teacher vacations. Specifically if breaks are distributed correctly it could help teachers and students who get stressed out during the school days.

My opinion on this topic is that, year round school can be very stressful to many students. All year round school can easily stress out people who do not enjoy being around other people for long periods of time. Taking away the summer break can also stress many people out, especially those who have summer jobs. The summer break is when people either continue or start doing their sports or, when they start and or continue their summer jobs. Year round school can also be expensive for many families who can’t pay. Worrying about year round school can be very stressful for big families as well, depending on everyone’s schedule. Year round school could be a burden to many households, even if they can afford to go.

Year round schools can be very beneficial to many students and including teachers, but can also be very stressful to other students and teachers.