Chaffin v. Ramsey Basketball

Dane Poole

In the last two games of the season, Chaffin and Ramsey’s Basketball teams faced off at Ramsey and Kimmons Middle School. As rival schools, these games were a big deal for all teams. Especially since the first game they played against each other was the last of the regular season. On February 9th, Chaffin’s seventh grade boys won against Ramsey’s seventh grade boys. Chaffin’s other basketball teams lost against Ramsey.

As of the Chaffin Charmers and cheer, very emotional performances took place. Both teams performed during different halftimes of the games played against Ramsey on the 9th. This was one of the last performances that the girls will have together, since the 8th grade girls are going to the Fort Smith high schools. Many will end up at Southside High School.

For the first game of city playoffs, the results were mixed. The 4th seed 8th grade boys lost by 35 points against Ramsey. The 7th grade girls also lost. However, the 8th grade girls and the 7th grade boys moved on to the city championships.

On February 16th, Chaffin’s 8th grade girls faced off against Darby middle school. After a tough fought game, Chaffin proudly brought home the win for Chaffin. These girls will forever be remembered from the plaque that was awarded to them that will most likely be hung up in the school’s trophy case. Coach Branham of the girls team is very proud of these girls.