Neon Dance Party

Maddie Martin

Chaffin Middle School, in an effort to get students more involved in the community and activities outside of the classroom, will be hosting this year’s spring semester dance, the Neon Dance Party, on February 24th, 2023 in the Chaffin Middle School Cafeteria.

Chaffin has hosted a dance each semester for decades. This year’s spring semester dance will not be a valentine’s dance like previous semesters. The recent ice storms and basketball schedule changes have caused this year’s dance to be pushed a week after Valentine’s Day, and not be a Valentine’s dance. 

Many students are happy about the schedule change because they do not have to stress about finding a valentine/date for the dance.

When asked if the new theme caused relief, 8th grade Chaffin Middle School student Kate Schmitt stated, “I think it is better to have it more casual, because most students believe they are going to have to have someone come with them if it is a valentine’s dance. If it is just neon, you can go by yourself and have fun.”

Many students such as 8th grade Chaffin Middle School student Allie Weaver are looking forward to the dance, and “think the party should be fun.” 

Many students use the dance as a way to spend time with friends outside of the classroom. The school provides a photo booth/area, concession, dj, and party/dance room at the dance for students to enjoy.

Chaffin Middle School counselor Katie Mankins responded to whether or not the dance will be beneficial for students by explaining, “We have always had a large number of students show up for dances, especially 6th and 7th graders. It is also a good fundraiser because the money they spend at the picture booth or concession stand is money PTA uses to go back to things at Chaffin for students.”

The dance will have a $5 entry fee, and concession prices are typically $2 per item. Student ID’s will be required to enter the dance.