Chaffin’s Valentines Door Decorating Contest

Kensley Mankins

Chaffin Middle School did a door decorating contest the week of Valentine’s Day. The 8th grade winners were Dr. Webber’s room, the 7th grade winners were Mrs. Humphrey and Mrs. Bugg’s  room, the 6th grade winners were Mrs. Mixon.

Students and teachers were tasked with decorating their advisory door. When asked how the idea came up, Katie Mankins, a Chaffin Middle School counselor, said “Last year’s advisory planning team thought doing a door decorating contest sometime during the year would allow advisory teams to work together for something fun, easy and competitive! The team discussed doing a door decorating contest for spirit week, Christmas or Valentines. Because the year gets SO busy during fall semester, it was decided doing after winter break was the best time! Plus there are LOTS of easy and creative ideas for Valentine Doors! PTA learned about the contest and wanted to participate! They provide and complete the door judging and sponsor the prizes for the winning advisories!”

“The PTA provides 3-5 parent judges. Mrs. Mankins provides them a list of all doors for each grade level to visit and judge. The judges biggest critiques reflect creativity in theme and the advisory personalization reflected in the door decor. For example, this year they loved Mrs. Humphrey and Buggs advisory door because it had a picture of grass and sidewalk with Mr. Marshall’s statement “don’t walk on the grass.” Our PTA judges have students at the high school who STILL will not walk on the grass!” Mankins responded with when asked how the PTA critiqued. 

Students were able to bring out there creative skills in this contest. When asked how this was good for Chaffin, Mankins responded with “The Valentine door decorating contest is another example of how Chaffin wants to engage students and teachers and even parents in fun and memorable activities! Activities like this or even our Holly Jolly VB Game and upcoming end of year Basketball Final Four’s are events we hope make coming to school even more fun and enjoyable!”