Book Talks At Chaffin Middle School

At Chaffin Middle School, the librarians and teachers have decided to have “book talks.” The students are not taking much of a liking to it, it seems.

Book talks are when you get a group of people with the same book genre, and they talk about their books. First to get the book you draw a piece of paper from a bowl. The paper will have the book shelf, genre, and shelf level. Depending on whatever book you get you have to write down information about it. Then after about 4 weeks or so, you come back and talk about the book with other students.

Majority of students at Chaffin Middle School didn’t like the idea of these book talks. Many students didn’t understand the reason behind it, and didn’t really agree with the idea even if they did understand it. Many students would have much rather chosen their own book and genre or not read at all. Other students actually enjoyed getting to read new books and expand their horizon of books in their library. Students got really interested in their books and may have even continued the series if there were more books.

My opinion is that, I thought at first it wasn’t a great idea to do this. Then after a while I thought “this is a good way to help people get some new stories they may like.” Once I read my book though, I didn’t like it. I think it was just the book that I got that was not great for me. Some people may get a book they really like and that’s good. Making sure people can see new things and get more ideas on what to read. It can definitely help people expand their knowledge on more subjects, fiction or nonfiction.

In the end, getting students to read more books was a plus to the librarians. Even if the students didn’t like the books they chose, they read a new book. Many students don’t really like to read or some don’t even get a library book if they do not have to.