Pep Rally

Liam Merriott

Chaffin Middle School hosted a pep rally on Feb. 9th to make the basketball players more excited and fired up to hopefully win the game. Chaffin usually hosts pep rallies twice every year, but they were not able to host any for the past few years because of COVID. The pep rally is a massive, schoolwide event that everyone has to attend.

The pep rally mainly had a lot of cheerleaders and Charmers performing to get people excited. After this, there were speeches from multiple Chaffin students such as cheer captains and student council members. Then all of the sports teams were recognized for the upcoming games. 

In the middle of the pep rally, there was a competition between the grade levels. This served as a good bit of fun and excitement, and also as a way to get people in the competitive spirit. After that, the cheerleaders and charmers made an incredibly athletic performance to get people more excited.

The game was against Ramsey Middle School, and although we lost,  it was still a fun game for everyone involved. There were more people at the game than there usually are, so the pep rally was a success. Overall, it was a good experience for all involved.