Candy Grams

Hannah Banning

Chaffin Middle school is selling Candy Grams from February 3rd to February 9th. Students in each grade will be able to purchase Candy Grams after their lunch time. The table that is selling them is located near Mrs. Ellenwood’s room.

Candy Grams consist of a bag full of small candy or a carnation. Each one, whether you are getting a flower or candy, to buy a candy gram costs two dollars. You must put your name, the name of the person you are giving it too, and their 8th period teacher. Candy grams will be delivered on Valentines day during the eighth period to every grade. Seventh grade Chaffin Student Marylin Parvin expresses her opinion on the topic. “I like what types of candies the candy grams come with but I wish that they put more of a variety of candies, because some of the candies are not very popular and no one wants to eat them.” Showing that students would much rather buy things for their friends or significant others if they had candy that was worth spending money on.

Every year, multiple students buy candy grams for themselves, their friends, or their significant others. This is to show appreciation for people you care about. “I think candy grams are a good way to show someone that you love them and show them how much you care.” said Anaya Neal, a student at Chaffin Middle school. Candy Grams can also be anonymous, some people signing their candy grams with “secret admirer” or “friend”.

The Student Council is in charge of hanging candy grams. “They are a waste of money. They put 7 pieces of candy in each bag which averages out to 29 cents a piece. They make us pay for it when the school has an abundance of money because of other school fundraisers.” says Hannah Harianawalla, student council member. Candy Grams are another way to raise money for the school.