XFL Kicks Off

On February 18th, many celebrities, former pro football players, and football players who want a second chance came together in Arlington and Houston to host the first XFL game of the spring season.

“What is the XFL?” you may be wondering. Well, the XFL describes the league as a, “Fan-first, fast-paced, global professional football league with innovative rules.” The XFL is led by owners Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital Partners. The XFL had been a league prior to the current season. In 2001, the XFL was founded and later filed for bankruptcy. The case was the same for the XFL league in 2020.

Although it is possible that history may repeat itself, the XFL seems to be pretty successful so far. In week one, the San Antonio Brahmas and St. Louis Battlehawks drew in 24,245 fans in attendance at the Alamodome. Arlington Renegades vs the Las Vegas Vipers had 12,047 fans show up to Choctaw stadium in Arlington.

Along with the attendance, the XFL has some new rules to keep fans hooked. For example, after teams score in a normal football game, the scoring team can either choose to either kick an extra point, or attempt to score from the 2-yard line for two points. However, things are a different in the XFL. There are three ways to score extra points in the XFL. Option one, run an offensive play from the 2-yard line for one point.

Option two, run an offensive play from the 5-yard line for two points. Option three, run a play from the 10-yard line for three points. Although three points doesn’t sound like much, that means an 18 point game could only mean the losing team is two touchdowns away from tying the game. The XFL can be watched on ESPN.