Asbury Revival Spreading


Kensley Mankins

Since February 8, 2023, Asbury University in Wilmore Kentucky, has been having a revival. Students from this college have come together to follow the movement of God. These revivals have been going on for 336 hours. People of all across America have come to Asbury.

The Asbury revival has become one of the biggest revivals in the world. Students came together for one chapel on a normal day. Students stayed in the chapel to worship. Over the first week of the revival, students and people from all across Kentucky came to the university.

Ever since then, miracles have happened. Students at Asbury said they asked for the spirit to move, and it did. ”I think its pretty amazing that it sparked on a college campus and its still ongoing, and it has had a nation wide impact. It’s definitely captivated the attention of people.” said Katie Mankins when asked what she thought about it.

People from all over the world have come to Asbury. Kari Jobe, who is a Christian singer came to Asbury. “Yes, I think it would be neat to go.” Mankins said when asked if she would like to go. Over 50,000 students and visitors went to the revivals.