Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Liam Merriott

A massive magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th, terrifying residents and killing over 47,000 and counting. Architects are now facing charges for inadequate architecture. Search parties receiving backlash for help people saw as inadequate. Families are grieving, but they are still finding ways to have hope. 

The earthquake came as a shock to many residents, yet more shocking was how the buildings crumbled. More than 131 people including contractors, engineers, and architects, have been issued arrest warrants for faulty construction that lead to the collapsing of the buildings. 12 suspects have already been put into custody. When asked why she thought this was, Mrs. Jennifer Merriott said “I think that the magnitude of the earthquakes was something that part of the world was not prepared for.”

A few days ago on Feb. 21 an aftershock of magnitude 6.3 hit Turkey’s border, killing 6 and bringing more tragedy to the already terrible situation. Families are still holding out, but they have lost almost all hope. However, through what can only be described as miracles, some people are still being pulled out. 

One of the things that made this earthquake so deadly was the time of year. Most casualties of the earthquake were because of the freezing cold temperature. Other causes could be attributed to suffocation, blunt force trauma, starvation and dehydration.

It is a sad situation, but everyone is trying their best to make it better.