Southside and Northside Dance and Cheer Tryouts

Kensley Mankins

Both Southside and Northside High Schools are having cheer and dance tryouts throughout March. The Southside Star dance team had tryouts March 6-10, the Northside and Southside cheer tryouts are on March 10-17, and the Northside dance tryouts are on March 27-31.

Southside and Northside have tryouts every year for the teams. Students from different schools can try out. When asked what they critique, Sarah Wilbourn, the Chaffin cheer coach, said “It’s like tryouts for us. They have to perform cheer, chants, and dance, it’s just a little more difficult because it’s high school level.”  Students can try out for captain and co-captain.

Maverick Stars tryouts require; right and left leaps, right, left and middle splits, fan kicks, right and left high kicks, single turns, and single pirouette. Southside and Northside require a cheer, dance, and tumbling. Northside however requires you to build a stunt.

When asked if she liked having tryout, Wilbourn said, “I love helping team members with tryouts, I like seeing them prepare.” Tryout season is always stressful. Some students believe that the stress will make them preform better.

You can avoid tryout stress by keeping your self calm. Show your strength, pay attention, and have fun.