Alex Murdaugh Found Guilt


Allie Weaver

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of  killing his wife and son in June 2021. He was also charged with 99 counts of embezzlement, computer crime, money laundering, conspiracy, and more.

On the night of the murders, June 7, 2021, Murdaugh was supposedly visiting his mother who had Alzheimer’s disease. He got back around 10:00 P.M. and he found his wife and son dead near the dog kennel on their hunting lodge.

Along with the murders, Murdaugh did a lot of questionable things to get out of the murder. It is speculated that he hired a man to kill him so that his living son, Buster, could take his life insurance policy. He also billed on firm credit cards or accounts and personal expenses to clients.

“ I believe he did kill them because he wanted to cash in on a life insurance policy when they both died.” Manager of Engineering Services, Tristan Weaver said.

There were no suspects in the case of the double murders known to the public until July 2022. A grand jury indicted Mudaugh on the murder charges. The trial for the murder case started in January 2023. After six weeks of the trial, Murdaugh was found guilty.

He was sentenced to a maximum of two consecutive life sentences for his crime. Murdaugh still states that he is innocent. He was charged with insurance fraud, defrauding clients, witness intimidation, wrongful death, murder, corruption, theft of insurance payouts, and drug and alcohol-related charges.


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