Over 100 Laws Being Passed Restricting LGBTQIA+ Rights Nationwide

In America more than 100 bills are against LGBTQ rights and how they live their lives in 2023, starting with transgender health care to even simple drag shows. These bills have been filed in 22 different states in 2023 so far. Leading advocates assume there is more to come, setting a new world record to the anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation. 

Texas has so far taken the highest ‘score’ with 36 of anti-LGBTQIA+ bills. Missouri is next with 26 bills, North Dakota with eight, and Oklahoma with six. 

Most of these anti-LGBTQIA+ bills focus on young transgender people, seeming to continue this ‘trend’ that started about 2 years ago. In past years, there have been 18 or more states that have banned transgender student athletes from competing in school sports that align with their true identity, instead they focus on the gender these students were born with. Claims from the Movement Advancement Project, four states such as Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona have put restrictions on gender-affirming medical care for minors, although federal judges have blocked them from taking effect in Arkansas and Alabama.

This year there have been at least 3 or more states that have presented bills to restrict transgender women from playing on female sports teams. Lawmakers in at least 11 states have proposed bills that would end up restricting gender-affirming health care for minors, continuing on with their streak of laws against young transgender people and even older transgender people.

There have been groups who try to help those in the LGBTQIA+, but the bills being passed make it more difficult. These bills can and maybe already have ruined young kids’ chances at trying to be themselves.