Get to know Andrew Diaz

Get to know Andrew Diaz

October 28, 2019

Tyler Glasscock Wins Competition on NBA Court

Tyler Glasscock, Writer

October 16, 2019

So the day that I started writing this it is October 3rd, 2019, and I will be leaving for San Antonio on October 5th right after school. I am very excited to go to San Antonio because I’m going to the San Antonio Spurs vs the...

Chaffin Students Place in Writing Competition

October 17, 2018

Fiction (Short Story) 1st - Gabrielle Sullivan "With the Exception of a Chainsaw" 2nd - Autumn Becker "The Misunderstanding" 3rd - Brooklyn Myers "The Wander" Honorable Mention - Julia Edwards "Careless" Honorable Mention - N...

Dragster Race Winners

October 15, 2018

Congratulations! Top 3 Finishers 2018 Fall CJH Dragster Race !st Period: 1st place-Mattie McLellan 2nd place- Finley Baber 3rd place- Ty Massey 3rd Period: 1st place-Mackenzie Harper 2nd place-...

Take a chance with Evan Chance

Eryn Yelle, Writer

September 30, 2018

It was typical day at Chaffin Junior High, although raining, the mood was quiet. The air seemed almost soft. Every one seemed in a calm mood, even the administration. And even though our administration makes the rules, some students ...

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