2019-2020 Staff

Mackenzie Howald


My name is Mackenzie Howald. I am a freshman Chaffin Charmer at Chaffin Junior High School. I love Jesus,  hanging out with friends,  watching the office, shopping, and going to Chick-fil-a.  Also tik tok is life. I enjoy making...

Raelynn Garibay


Raelynn Garibay is a freshman at Chaffin Junior High, who has played trumpet for 4 years and is a mentor. She likes listening to music in her free time and when she is not burdened with school she sleeps or eats.

Aidan Everhart


Aidan Everhart is currently a freshman at Chaffin Junior High and writer for the Cougar Print. Besides keeping up with band and homework, he spends his free time playing with his dogs, going out with friends, reading, and drawing.   Insta-...

Bry French


I'm a freshman at Chaffin Junior High. I can usually be found reading, listening to music, not that you have to look for me, or in the art room and will try to tackle as many tasks as possible at the same time. I enjoy going all...

Abigail Barnett


Hey, I'm Abigail but my friends call me Abi. Yes, Abi with an "I" not with a "Y."  My hobbies include Baton Twirling, Tennis, and also playing the Violin and Trumpet for Chaffin. And for school, I am an NJHS Reporter.

J. H.


Hey everyone, my name is Jazmyn and I'm part of the Chaffin Cougar Print and in the 9th grade. I'm very outgoing, no matter how much the teacher moves me it never helps. But I'm respectful about it, I wait til he/she is done ...

Samantha Warren


I am in the class of  2023. I love sleep and hot cheetos, I also love to talk. My favorite things to do are watch tiktoks, dance, sing, and spend time with my friends and family. I am a student mentor and I am in National Junior...

Emily Linthavong


I'm sadly class of '23 and tik tok addicted. I love sleeping in, badminton, and swimming. If I'm not answering your text or snap it's probably because I'm still sleeping and its 2 PM.  I'm in National Juniors Honor Society. I...

Madi Tyler


My name is Madi, aka MadiTRaps, I'm a freshman here at Chaffin, and I love Chick-fil-a and The Office. I also have a slight Tik Tok addiction, so add me on the tok @Madiii_t. And fiy, the bags under my eyes are Gucci.

Tyler Glasscock


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for awesomeness. I make Trick Shots, Vlogs and lots of other things.  Just look at my picture for example.

Marissa Goodwin


My name is Marissa Goodwin and I am a freshman at Chaffin Jr. High. I like to read and write in my free time. I also won second place in the PTA reflections contest for photography. I am a football fan for the Kansas City Chiefs...

Izabelle Simonian


Hey! My name is Izabelle and I am a freshman at Chaffin Jr. High. I am a Chaffin Charmer and the Student Council President. I love travelling all around the world by plane, and on cruises. If you could find me anywhere it would...

Allie Fleming


Allie Fleming is a Freshman at Chaffin Jr. High and a writer for the Cougar Print. In her free time, she likes to read,  listen to music and hang with friends. She enjoys being around smaller children and even hopes to be a teacher...

Yareli Ocampo


I'm a Freshman at Chaffin Junior High. I love my puppy very much and love writing scary stories. I like to sing a lot to my puppy when he is trying to sleep. I like to hang out with my friends.

Jess Minnick


I'm a freshman at Chaffin Junior High and I'm 14 years old. I have a dog who goes crazy for peanut butter. I am on the swim team-the Tideriders and I love the environment and helping the ocean. I either want to be a environmental...

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